For those who like an introduction…

Slugworth, Arthur Slugworth; is the arch rival of Willie Wonka. And although I may never have those everlasting gob stoppers, I will always have great tasting coffee.
This blog is for my digital marketing class, but I am also using it as a review site of Pacific Northwest coffee bars and beans. I herby adhere to the critics code of honor and solemnly swear to only cry a little when I start getting hate mail.

Nathan Alb. Kosin

Senior at Western Washington University.

Graduate this spring.

I roast coffee from around the world.

I enjoy exploring new.

Reason for my happenings of this class:

                1. To be with friends and knock out an electively required course.

                2. To better understand the emerging trend of digital marketing.

                3. To ask why businesses see such potential in this “new tech savvy generation” when the marketplace is changing so fast that no many can foretell what can develop in a short period.


What I would like to learn:

                1. How to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

                2. How to roast the perfect bean.

                3 Digital Marketing

Knowledge and Skill Requirements Reading

                This reading was quite interesting in that it took a different method of surveying (using free digitally accessible secondary data). The finding from the research was that more and more entry level and lower level jobs are requiring, but in all actuality favoring, those who are able to use internet marketing tools and other methodologies to increase web traffic. I find this to be quite strange because, as the article reads on, most colleges do not teach their students how to adequately be armed with such tools. This brings me to one of the reasons I took this class as stated above in number 3, why do they look to this young workforce and expect them to know how to use such tools. A simple visit to the local alma mater and they could have figured out why their workforce is being plagued by such inadequacy. I fault three entities for the failure; the companies for not supplying schools with enough resources to teach the new workforces sufficient skills, the schools for not relaying pertinent information, and myself for not being interested enough to pick the tools up on my own.


                This article, if I can call it such, was about the growing market of digital/social marketing.  At one point I was taken back from reading that people are watching less television, listening to less radio, reading less magazine, and reading less newspapers, but using the internet more. Perhaps it was this notion that eats me away as read marketing material and that is, should not an ad placed in magazine constitute as the same as an ad coded inside a digital magazine? There is even a chance that new technologies will emerge to make this increase in expenditure level off such as simplifying SEO further as it has been done prior. It may even become so easy your mom could do it.

                As the article states in one headline, “Buyers will embrace mobile commerce and the advertising that drives it.” If mobile device ads continue to climb I might just stop using my phone. Let’s be real, everything looks all money and sunshine with no downside in sight. To be in this country with the ability to seek out and also profit off of this MOBILErush has the appearance of greatness. But isn’t there a potential downside? The constant bombardments of ads that we are in this shell shock unable to tell when we’re being sold?

Game of Thrones

                The “Another Game of Thrones” article was interesting because of the way it showcased the companies as territories at war. Although we tend not to think about it throughout our day, we most often use our devices from one territory to get to another. I know that I use my Iphone to search through google and amazon. My PC computer has iTunes, a google homepage, and amazon filling up my history. This war truly exists, but not on the level where we see its effect. We are the raccoons at night searching for a new garbage bag to plunder, and every week we go back to see if there’s anything new.

                After researching recent changes within the battle that rages on, Android operating systems seems to be taking a clear lead over both Windows and Macintosh. Windows is above Apple but slipping further down. We may or may not see Apple take the lead because as of now most of their sales are being driven by the iPad.


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