The Splendor Found in Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing puts the people at the center by humanizing the marketing experience. It uses content marketing by way of blogs, newsletters, YouTube videos, social media and many others in order to bring relevant information to potential buyers.

The benefits of content marketing can be broken into two; monetary and non-monetary.  Within the monetary realm, the cost per lead is lower, more recurring sales, brings in new business and faster turnover. These gains add value to the company as a whole. Non-monetary gains are such that it builds long lasting relationships, the buyer feels as though they understand the company more, and it builds credibility. I believe that the most important benefits that can be gained through inbound marketing are those in which it is hard to place numbers on. By connecting with buyers on a humanistic level companies are able to establish a personality for the brand that otherwise would have taken years with constant bombardment of advertisements on television, radio, newspapers, etc.


Social Inbox       adds context to social media by color coding your feed into; new, potential, and customer categories. It is intended to help marketers and sales people by adding context to social media. Out of all the Hubspot products that are showcased in the INBOUND 2013 Keynote – Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah I was most unexcited about this one. I felt that it was lacking in actual long-term usefulness and creativity.

The COS               stands for Content Optimization System. It is used in order to basically turn a website into a sale representative through the use of different experiences for each visitor. I do know that things like this already exist for landing pages, and title names, but never a whole website. If it actually does what it says it does, it could turn out to be a big tool that marketers will use. It allow for relevant content to be given to the customer, recognizing prior relationships. I believe that this is the most useful tool that Hubspot has created although when all is said and the products are fully put to the test I may be wrong.

Signals                  is a tool that works in sync with your browser to alert you when an outgoing email has been opened and when any attached links were opened.  It also works with Linkedin in that you can watch someone. That is you can see if and when they update their page. All of this sounds great but I do feel that it impedes a bit on the person on the other end. I know I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of an email because it would just show that I am a jerk. But then again I guess this is a tool for the soulless sales people that roam this world. However if you don’t feel the way I do, than this is a very useful tool. And as the video states will help you to avoid an “existential crisis.” That is, until your buyer never responds back.


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