So What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What are Search Engines anyway? Expressively put:

Search Engines are ferocious robotic machines that crawl through the webbing of the internet indexing all pages in their path. They eat up all of the information and excrete out answers in less than a second just as fast as the speed of light. That excrement, I might add, is only of the most immaculate kind, full of relevant content with an influence from crawlable text links, rich media, keyword usage, and meta description tags. This process of providing significant excrement or answers is only capable through the use of algorithms comprised of hundreds of factors.

SEO Robot

The fallacy however is that search engines believe that the more popular information is also more important. This misconception is repeated over and over in nature and is known as the halo effect; where just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it is. Although it has worked in practice for the search engines thus far, I believe that as we move further away from a factually based society focused on content rather than context we will suffer in substance of actual information

How your company can clout its way into SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).


In order to talk about how your company can take advantage of SEO and SEM we first need to look at common benefits and problems that they bring.

Benefits Include:

  • Higher rankings
  • Trusts
  • Traffic
  • Valuable Content
  • Natural Linking

Problems Include:

  • Content to query matching
  • Non-quality Links
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Spamming
  • Not enough knowledge of how search engines work

A website is not optimized for search engines overnight. It takes traffic, which can be generated through building your website to be augmented toward users, rather than search engines. A valuable tool for building your traffic up while at the same time providing valuable content is by having a blog, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and as well as the many other constantly emerging social interaction tools. If you are just breaking in to the SEO game then you should start out with using the ones that are most relevant to you. Build a base audience, promoting interaction and community. A blog is probably the best place to start as it never hurts to send out a few feelers.

We have all been to a website that looks like it hasn’t changed since the 90’s. The layout is like a word document, it has effects on all the titles, and the images are all collaged together. While those may have worked in the past, they’ll never make the cut nowadays. Having a sitemap allows for search engines to crawl into the tiny crevices of your website that it might not have found on its own. Another important factor to consider when improving SEO and SEM is the use of inbound marketing. If you know who you want to target you can create a website that is content driven. If you know how far along the buying process a certain type of buyer usually gives up, provide links, and call to actions.

The most valuable tool that you have is information. Be it about your products, your company, or even your thoughts; buyers have a thirst for information.

Common problems that people run into when getting started in SEO often take the form of being overly aggressive. Spamming non quality articles from your blog will quickly ostracize you from potential sales. Keyword stuffing can create a website that on the surface looks great and full of content but is actually just a ploy to add keywords relating to the websites use. It is commonly mistaken that the more keywords your website has the higher it will be ranked in search engine when that keyword is searched. A valuable link to your website through a trusted blog is more valuable than the extra keywords.

Lastly the most common problem for new websites is not having enough knowledge in SEO. There are many potholes that you must drive through in order to come out with a website that’s optimized for search engines. Taking advantage of learning code will only help you in your quest to conquer the rankings of the internet. There are many classes around the nation trying to help you better your web presence. All you need is a few hours a week and you’ll be #1 in no time.


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