5 Companies Using Content Marketing To Their Advantage

5. Williams – Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

A blog put on by Williams – Sonoma offers great recipes for both food and drinks. Provides access to learning new skills such as canning and other activities through they’re how to page. Many chances to sign up for their email lists are present and the pictures of food look so real you can eat them.

4. Good Greens

Good Greens

Through reaching out to bloggers founder Keith Pabley was able to build relationships, increasing the number of reviews, visits, and search engine rank. By acquiring a vast amount of quality inbounding links he was able to establish web credibility therefor jumping above competitors when search for by buyers. The bars are also gluten free, dairy free, and taste good, just as the name implies.

3. Charmin


Charmin has by far created one of the most humorously useful content marketing techniques by producing a website as well as an app for both the iPhone and Droids called Sit or Squat. It provides useful information as to which bathrooms around the nation are open, free, have a baby changing table, are handicap accessible, contain a tampon vending machine, have a family bathroom, or are sit down only. It is both innovative and useful for those newly knighted parents with children.

2. Old Spice

Old Spice

Old Spice commercials have long been a favorite of mine, and I am sure have hundreds of thousands if not millions of other longtime fans. The witty humor and fast paced mentality can sooth even the most distractible viewers. They got lucky with Isaiah Mustafa aka the Old Spice Guy, aka The Man Your Man Could Smell Like as he was the perfect man for the job. For all those who don’t know he also attended the Seahawk training camp as a wide receiver.  Sadly it did not work out but instead we got this great example of content marketing.

1. Kraft


Perhaps the most savvy of all is Kraft who has been a forerunner when it comes to online and content marketing. Since 1992 kraftfoods.com has been live, and their magazine food and family has over one million that pay to receive the print. They also have had a YouTube channel since 2005 and have moved on to create content for social media, as well as mobile apps. The Director of CRM Content Strategy and Integrations has also said that, “The ROI on our Content Marketing work is among the highest of all of our marketing efforts.”


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