Coffee Review: Monkee Tree Coffee Roasters – Ethiopian Sidamo

Monkee Tree Cpffee, Ethiopia

I received a call a few days ago from my mom asking if I wanted a bag of coffee from a Seattle roaster that was being served at the cafe she was at. She said it was from Lighthouse Roasters; a prominent roaster that has been roasting since 1993. Wanting to try as much coffee from around the world that I can, I asked her to see if there was a single origin otherwise not to worry. Yesterday I received the package in the mail and to my surprise it wasn’t Lighthouse but actually Monkee Tree Coffee.

I had never heard of them so I looked them up, finding only their site (HERE). They are located in Seattle and began roasting around the middle of 2013. Monkee Tree Coffee takes pride in roasting slowly in order to achieve their profiles. Since the coffee that I received only said that it was Ethiopian on the bag, I turned to their website for help. On there they say that it is Ethiopian Sidamo Province with Chocolate flavor containing notes of floral and citrus. I opened the bag and to my surprise this single origin had been roasted very dark, I would say possibly a French.

Using the Aeropress I loaded up 15.2 grams of coffee coarsely ground (17 setting on Hario Slim). Then I added 100 ml of water (100 grams) and let that bloom for 45 seconds. Lastly I added 140 more ml of water then waited 1 minute, stirred and pressed. I was making it using the inverted method as well.

Fragrance/Aroma – 19 points

The fragrance of the grounds was deep, with notes hinting toward burnt pumpkinseed and a little orange peel. As I poured the water for the bloom, almond wafted up and fogged my glasses. There also seemed to be some vanilla.

Flavor/Aftertaste/Acidity/Body/Balance – 18 points

There were not too many distinguishable flavors due to the coffee being roasted so dark. However the acidity of it was quite nice and there was no bitterness to it at all. I began to taste flavors of mature blueberry as my taste buds began to adjust to the darkness.

Sweetness/Uniformity/Cleanliness – 17 points

As the cup began to settle the uniformity of the cup began to change although it was a mildly clean cup. There was some sweetness to it that alleviated the flavor.

Packaging – 19 points

The monkey on the front was great. I love when the arts get into coffee even if it is just a little. While it did say that it was from Ethiopia there was no explanation of the region/farm until I went on their site. There was no roast date which always gives my head a spin, but there was a location (Seattle) which helped calm me down.
(Each out of 25)

TOTAL – 73


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