Can SQL Benefit You?

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First off what is SQL? Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language that is designed to manage data help in your data base. For anyone who has more than a few hundred different pieces of data, adding them to excel and working on them is no small feat. While excel will provide the layout and the look you need, it doesn’t offer the analytical prowess that SQL can offer. Let me also point out that learning SQL can be great for any startup as it will allow you to get your hand dirty and dig into the data. It’s easy to learn, but time consuming. Anyone who wants to actually do it should learn it, but it isn’t a necessity as (if you have the money) you can hire someone to do it.

SQL, Database, Example

SQL will allow to find correlation within your data that you may not have been able to see before. You might find that ads used on one site create more sales than others, or that there is a demographic difference between the two. It will allow to learn more about your customers than before.

But just because it can help doesn’t mean it will work. Here are some examples of it used by prominent companies.

Seahawks, Plane, Boeing

Boeing – With the continual rollout of new Boeing 737’s there was yet to be an exciting way to market the aircraft to potential customers. In order have a better understanding as well as to produce an immersive experience they needed to create something that had mass appeal. They did this by using SQL in order to understand what their customers were on, and who those customers really were. In the end they created a seductive experience that pulled users into an interactive 3-D model made up of thousands of photographs.

AT Internet – Studied over 350,000 Websites using SQL in order to help their customers gain insight as to what their users are actually doing (how often they log on, what gets them to sign up, how long they stay, how often they make a purchase, etc.). They created a database that analyzed billions of different web pages to make those insights. It is both scalable and robust in what they offer to their customers.


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