Coffee Review: The Barn – Finca Tamana, Huila, Colombia

The Barn, Coffee, Single Origin, Review

While I was at Onyx Coffee Bar last week I picked up a bag of coffee roasted by The Barn. They are a roaster located in Berlin Germany which I thought was very cool and one of the reasons I purchased the bag. They don’t choose their beans solely on the fact that they are some of the best beans available in the world but because they have tractability and sustainable farming practices. Roasting on a modified 1955 Probat they are able to achieve magnificent flavors from lightly roasted coffee. I chose to get the Finca Tamana because of the flavor characteristics on the bag; Caramel, Red Berry, Silky. It is a washed Caturra.

Tested using 14 grams of coffee to 170ml of water in a Hario V60.

• Add 60 ml of water for bloom
• Wait 45 Seconds
• Add 110 ml of water over next minute and a half

Fragrance/Aroma – 23 points

The fragrance of the dry grounds had breathes of honey and cocoa, even getting a slight nuttiness at times. As I began pouring the bloom, brown sugar and top soil earth began to drift out. The smell of the finished cup was reminiscent of fresh raspberry pie as well as more hints of brown sugar. There were some oils on top, but it was less than the average cup.

Flavor/Aftertaste/Acidity/Body/Balance – 24 points

There was such a fruitiness to the cup similar to a freshly picked plum that sat on the tree a week to long. It hits the mouth with a zing of sweet and sour blend that pair perfectly (a very nice red berry). The body was quite nice as it was not flat nor too light. It left the mouth wet (which I enjoy) hinting towards higher acidity. I also would note that there is a great lingering coffee taste left over once the cup is enjoyed.

Sweetness/Uniformity/Cleanliness – 23 points

The cup was very clean, with the mouth feel of coffee around water. There was a beautiful sweetness that danced around the tongue with every sip. The cup was very consistent throughout the entirety.

Packaging – 22 points

The front of the bag (pictured above) features The Barns logo which is both fresh and progressive. I like how everything is laid out as to give an uninformative look. The roast date is also clearly defined which is always a great indication of how the roaster views the product. Not only that but they put the variety of coffee plant the beans came from, in this case Caturra. It is stamped with “roasted in Berlin” which gives great credence to their roots. The back of the bag is where the one way valve that it so crucial to shelf life is present. As well as a description of who The Barn is and where they are located.

TOTAL- 92 points

The Barns site can be found here:


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